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EGPI/Firecreek, Inc. (the "Company", "Firecreek", or "EGPI") is an oil and gas production company focusing on the recovery and development of oil and natural gas. This strategy is centered on rehabilitation and production enhancement techniques, utilizing modern management and state of the art technology applications in upgrading certain proven reserves.

EGPI is a publicly traded Nevada corporation (OTC:BB "EFIR"), having its main office in Scottsdale, Arizona, with satellite offices for its wholly owned subsidiaries located in Irving Texas and Atlanta Georgia. Energy Producers, Inc. ("EPI") and Chanwest Resources, Inc. ("CWR") are the oil and gas operating and servicing arms of EGPI respectively. The Company is also pursuing alternative energy to a lesser extent through its wholly owned LLC, Arctic Solar. EGPI is responsible for overall management, financial resources and the administration of securities and exchange functions while EPI and CWR handles all operational duties including negotiations, drilling, rehabilitation, servicing, and related projects.

As a recent historical summary, in our Fiscal Year 2005 fourth quarter the Company having began the winding down of its active pursuit of potential oil and gas business opportunites overseas in Central Eurasian countries, it subsequently initiated a program to review domestic oil and gas prospects and targets. As a result, the Company acquired non-operating oil and gas interests in a project titled Ten Mile Draw (“TMD”) located in Sweetwater County, Wyoming USA for the development and production of natural gas.

In July, 2007, the Company commenced with oil production related to the acquisition of the Fant Ranch Unit in Knox County, Texas. The Company’s production of oil from the Fant Ranch Unit was initiated from 17 producing oil wells and 1 injection well in the Fant system. In September of 2007 two more wells were brought online, one well for oil production, and one for water stimulation. In January, 2008, the Company commenced with an enhancement/rehabilitation phase 2 program for the Fant Ranch Unit located in Knox County, Texas. The program included cleaning out casing perforations, maintenance, paraffin removal, repair and acid stimulation for a majority of the oil wells in the unit. The purpose of the program was to maintain the existing wells regularly, with a goal to increase the overall well efficiency and production for the field. Operational expectations were then met.

The Fant Ranch Unit acquisition and rehabilitation program was followed in early 2008 by the acquisition and commencement of a two well re entry program for oil and gas production at the J.B. Tubb leasehold estate located in the Amoco Crawar field, Ward County, Texas.The Company participated in a workover, drilling and development program, and brought three wells online as a result.

In 2008 the Company successfully increased production and revenues derived from its properties. In late 2008 and early 2009 was able to retire over 90% of its debt through the disposition of those improved properties.

The Company's Scottsdale corporate office is under the direct management of its Chairman and CEO, Dennis Alexander. EGPI will provide oversight for operations of the Petroleum and Servicing Divisions, focusing its 2011-12 programs primarily in Texas and Louisiana. The Company from time to time to a lesser or greater extent will pursue potential targets elsewhere in other productive regions in the United States and overseas.